The framework

The PLS in Practice process builds consensus throughout the teaching staff and the wider school community to support sustained change, empowering schools to be creators of a new, ongoing relationship between pedagogy and space.

Our process is ideal for schools wanting to refurbish existing learning environments or design new spaces that actively support their learning goals.

Depending on your location, we can support you through the PLS in Practice Design Framework either in-person or online. We strongly believe that this should be a collaborative approach where all voices are heard and ideas are shared openly.

100% collaborative

Our experience demonstrated that the successful design of education spaces requires a full understanding of the learning and teaching practices they need to support.

With this in mind, we have created a robust and well-defined process, underpinned by the school’s vision, values, learning behaviours and activities they want their students to be able to do.

Each step within the process has a set of tools that allow schools to work through at their own pace in order to effectively design their new learning spaces.

Professor Peter Barrett shares his thoughts on the Planning Learning Spaces in practice framework.

Download Professor Peter Barrett’s report

You can download a pdf copy of the report using the download arrow on the top left next to the online case study below.

“The PLSiP process has without doubt led to a transformation in the Year 4 learning environment. It is underpinned by a re-evaluation of the pedagogy and teaching practice to align more directly with the ethos of the school”

Professor Peter Barrett

Professor Peter Barrett

Researcher in school design and Co-Author of Clever Classrooms

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