Following on from transforming learning activities and behaviours into design principles, came the task of thinking about how the whole learning space would operate.

  • How would the children learn?
  • What spaces would they go into?
  • How can learning zones support the pupils’ learning?
  • What zones would be best to include?

All of these questions had to be considered carefully amongst the staff in each of the year groups.

In order to carefully start to picture and visualise what their open-plan collaborative spaces would look like, the PLS Team set the staff an initial task of thinking about the following;

-What type of learning zones should be included?

-How many learners would be in the zone at any given time?

-What type of learning activities would take place in the particular zones?

All of these considerations lead to an initial zone map that staff completed together.

They identified what types of learning zones to include and where they would be best positioned in their new spaces.